Gitika Jha

General Secretary 2020-21

The Students' Council at KJSIEIT has had a influential impact on my life. I joined Students' Council in my 2nd year, after not joining any clubs or committees in my 1st year because I was very shy and introverted. I believe that our tagline is very apt, 'Every Voice Counts', because it truly does. Having the great honor in becoming the General Secretary for the biggest student body in our college made me realize how crucial these activities are for one's personality development. The exposure that the council gave me taught me about productive collaboration, helped me develop leadership skills and improved my communication skills. I couldn't have asked for a better platform to express myself, make new friends and expand my knowledge. I'm truly grateful for everything and everyone who made my tenures in the council amazing, my time here are my most cherished memories.

Anurag Singh

Joint General Secretary 2020-21

I joined the Students' Council in my very first year of college, bolstering ranks of the publicity team, and worked my way up to serving as its Joint General Secretary. It was an experience that greatly supplemented my curriculars and over time, helped me gain invaluable exposure and develop leadership, time-management, organizational and soft skills. Over my 3 tenures in this student body, I realized it's about working with a colleague next to you, for a goal in front of you, towards an enterprise much bigger than you. I am extremely grateful to all who have been a part of this incredible journey, one that led to some of the best memories in my college life.

Rahul Akhade

Chief Executive Officer 2020-21

Being a part of the Students’ Council surely was special. It taught me things that otherwise I wouldn’t have. People skills, leadership, working as a team, etc. are just a jist of skills that i worked on an aced while I was a part. Organising many last moment events helped me grow to my fullest potential. Apart from all the learning, all the memories and the fun that we had during the process just cannot be expressed. All the nightouts, freakouts during events, issues caused during the fest and core meeting shenanigans are memories that i would never forget. Surge and Score carry a special place in my heart and will always be there. Extremely glad that I was a part of the Students’ Council. It was, is, and always will be a part of my family.

Rayees Shaikh

Cultural Secretary 2020-21

Over the last few years, the Students' Council has been a valuable and incredible experience. It has not only provided a platform for learning and developing skills such as leadership, communication, team building, and many others, but it has also provided opportunities to work with a fantastic group of people whom I now call my family. As Cultural Secretary, I had the opportunity to think out of the box considering the covid situation to organise the fest. I got a chance to interact with like-minded individuals from various colleges and organisations, which aided in my personal growth. The experience of organising such events has given me inner confidence in my own abilities. The Students' Council has also taught me the value of enjoying the journey to achieve your goals, which I will remember for the rest of my life.

Sharvari Kulkarni

PRO & LR 2020-21

Students' Council is not just a student body but a mould that shaped our personalities, perspectives, abilities and skills. Since the day one council has added immense value in our lives. To be able to build something for our college students with such strong team work and unity was definitely an experience worth living! We work to explore, Excel and enjoy what our amazing college has to offer for us. What council has given us is not only limited to the college, but will stay with us throughout our life wherever we go! I will forever be grateful to be the part of this Legacy.

Viren Mehta

Treasurer 2020-21

Students Council has thought me so many things. I remember in my first year when I was in creative team, it was my dream to be a Core member but I never thought that this journey of becoming a Core member from a team member would give me so many memories to cherish and so many friendships to look forward to. Thanks to Student Council that this 4 years of my college life were memorable enough to make me emotional when I look back at those days.

Shreya Singh

General Secretary 2019-20

Students' Council - The two words which have given immense value to my journey in college. The council made me a firm believer of achieving almost everything one desires to with the help of collaboration and teamwork. Being able to create something for the students of your own college, putting a smile on their faces, was the greatest of my achievements. The Council makes you realise how each and every student has such a crucial role to play when conducting an event. The tenure of my council journey, helped me expand my leadership, communication, development and planning skills. I will forever be grateful for everything I got to learn and the fabulous friends I made along the way.

Vyom Binani

Joint General Secretary 2019-20

My 2 year long journey in the Students' Council has been full of thrill, excitement, fun and learning. The position of Joint General Secretary was an experience that not only made me garner values such as communication, team-spirit and leadership, but also helped me gain a huge exposure in negotiation, convincing, planning and organizing events. The sense of satisfaction when everyone comes together to be a part of the cultural festival delightfully, when the heart beat is in sync with the beats in the Pronites, these moments have been priceless. I cannot express enough gratitude towards all who have been a part of my journey to make it a truly memorable one. Council was not just a Student Body, it was a Family.

Tanmay Kotian

Cultural Secretary 2019-20

The Students' Council has been a valuable experience over the last few years. It has provided a platform to not only learn and develop skills such as leadership, communication, team building and many more but has also allowed for opportunities to work with a brilliant set of people. As the Cultural Secretary I had the opportunity to get to interact with like minded individuals from various colleges and organisations which helped me grow as a person. Organising of such events has given me an inner confidence in my own abilities. The Students' Council has also helped me understand the importance of enjoying your journey to achieve your goals and that is something I'll cherish for the rest of my life.

Tirthesh Kode

Chief Executive Officer 2019-20

My Students' Council journey started right from the first year when I joined Sports team as I was a sports enthusiast. I was a part of the Council for 3 years and in these 3 years got to learn new things, made new friends and had a really great time interacting with various kinds of people. It has definitely helped me to imbibe a few qualities in me which I would carry along with me for rest of my life. Thank you.

Omkar Manchekar

Jt. Cultural Secretary 2019-20

The Students' council has been a very precious segment of my college journey. The roles of the Jt. Orgasining Admin followed by Jt. Cultural Secretary, made me experience the importance for everything to run smoothly behind the screen in order to ensure a successful event. Every step of the journey made me value the teamwork and hard work done by the students that helped create memories for all.

Swapnil Joshi

Organising Admin 2019-20

Being a part of the students council for 2 years, helped me develop various skills like team management, decision making and leadership skills. It changed my whole perception about college life and I thank Students council for nurturing my strengths and improving my shortcomings. It is a great platform to develop various skills and an exciting journey to experience.

Pranav Bhatt

General Secretary 2018-19

Apart from my educational curriculum, Students' Council helped me in developing my overall personality. Interacting with people and my ideology of working together made me the General Secretary of the 2018-2019 tenure. Being the General Secretary was one the most memorable moments of my life. It inculcated me with the knowledge of handling a huge team, handling some pinch situations, learning a lot of new things and not to forget it was so much fun working together like this. I was lucky enough to have an amazing team which made this festival one of the best the college had seen. Overall, I would say Students' Council was one of the best experiences of my life and one that I would never forget. All the best to all the future tenures who undertake this responsibility.

Preetish Pede

Joint General Secretary 2018-19

College life for me is Students' council. Most of my memories are related to my days with the council and it couldn't get better. I used to be a little nervous if I was told to speak in public or take command. I believe that the activities in the Students' council help you grow overall. I am a confident public speaker and that is due to all the exposure we, the members of the Students' council received over the years. Council taught us responsibility, leadership, teamwork and to take command. Not just that, but the bonds we made during those years were unbelievable. We had fights but made up for it real quick. From working to eating to studying to even sleeping together a night before the fests, council was more than just a student association, it was a family.

Saiprasad Balraj

Cultural Secretary 2018-19

Its been a long time since I have recalled my journey as a member of students' council. I had joined the committee in my 2nd year as a publicity head. One of the most important events as a council member for me was the cultural festival. The next tenure, I was given the post of Cultural Secretary and it was an amazing experience as all of us were involved in every aspect of work, be it attending marketing meetings or Budget planning. We pulled off one of the best festivals we had heard of in our college with a mesmerizing theme of colors. Be it organizing independence day or the freshers' party, this journey got the best out of all of us. and every experience had its own highs and lows and for what it's worth, it was a beautiful journey or I would say an experience worth having again.

Fenil Desai

Sports Secretary 2018-19

Being an active part of the Students' Council at KJSIEIT has been one of the most enriching experiences I've had during my college life. It helped me inculcate a sense of responsibility which is a crucial thing to have in life. Score and Surge were one of the best memories I have at KJSIEIT and I would recommend everyone to join the Students' Council to be part of a very holistic growing experience.

Harsh Malde

Treasurer 2018-19

The Students' Council was a very significant part of my college life. I've grown and learnt a lot by working together as one single unit for organizing various events. My journey from a Team Member to Treasurer has developed my personality in so many ways like teamwork, communication skills, leadership skills, management skills. Recollecting those days just makes me realize that those were one of the best days of my college life.

Megha Agarwal

Public Relations Officer 2018-19

Being a member of the Students' Council taught me not just leadership, teamwork, and management, but also how working together with people leads to a lifetime of memories and a bundle of bonds that you never want to break. My time working for Students' Council has helped shape what I am today, and provided me with a medium to learn and showcase a wide variety of skills needed for the world out there.

Debosmita Bhattacharya

General Secretary 2017-18

Students's Council is an ensemble of integrity, hardwork and friendship, the essence of which will stay with every member of this family over the long haul. Having organised innumerable events and interacting with people from different domains of life, we realised every experience is enriching in its own way and has taught us to overcome our apprehensions. Gradually you will get to bond with some like minded people who will be your support system for life. We have learnt to commit and change for the better, because that's what the Council is all about, that's what it stands for.

Hrithik Shah

Joint General Secretary 2017-18

Students' Council will always be a huge part of my life personally. It was an honour and a privilege to be a part of it always. I was fortunate enough to work with the best people around for those 2 years. It not only taught us lessons which will stay with us throughout our life but has given us memories which we are going to cherish forever. I wish everyone joining the Council all the very best for the upcoming tenures. I assure you it is going to be journey of a lifetime for each and every member involved. Hope you guys reach even greater heights with each passing year.

Rahil Nagar

Cultural Secretary 2017-18

Students' council has been a first arena for me where we had a team put together from various streams and asked to manage a large event. This taste of a real-world experience has built a variety of skills and has been a prefect tool for learning and developing my skills. Students' council will always be a huge part of my life which I can never forget. I am very sure all those who will be a part of this, it would be a lifetime journey for them. Hope you all work with great enthusiasm and spirit, trust me you will be gathering life time memories here and forever friends.

Sanchay Vyas

Sports Secretary 2017-18

Students' Council will always hold a special place in my heart. Joining Students' Council transformed the whole perception I had about an engineering college. From organizing Sports Events, managing your team, working with crunch resources, being on the ground on days, the sleepless nights, and all the efforts that go into pulling off festivals like Score and Surge, it truly is the most cherished moment of my whole college life.

Maitree Thoria

Treasurer 2017-18

Students council, an extended family to all. The 2 years journey bought with it some great learning experiences which has transformed me into the best version of myself. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Prof. Dr. Jayashree Khanapuri for being the guiding light throughout our journey in council. Students council made my journey to graduating special and worthwhile.

Jigar Thakkar

Organising Admin 2017-18

I joined Students' Council in my second year at the college. Being a part of the amazing team and organizing various events with them was a sheer joy. The two year journey was filled with many wonderful memories to cherish for lifetime. I can surely assure that joining Students' Council will be an unforgettable experience that you will always treasure for life. I wish each and every council member all the very best for their tenure.